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cooking cauliflower cheese, reborn

July 28, 2013

I had this idea for cauliflower cheese when I was researching alternative ‘steaks’ for vegetarians. Aside from aubergine and mushroom, there aren’t that many really meaty vegetables.

Then I struck gold. A cauliflower. When sawn in half, not only resembles a tree (!) but makes for a fairly substantial slab of vegetable.

raw cauli

There is no resemblance to a steak, let’s be honest. A steak is meat. Vegetable is…vegetable.

However if cooked like a steak, oiled and seasoned, fried in a dry pan, the cauliflower becomes caramelised and it’s flavour intensifies.

Serve atop a mild goats cheese sauce (normal béchamel but with soft rindless goats cheese added at the end), this is tangier and lighter than heavy ‘kids’ cheese sauce. Would be nice topped with toasted pine nuts or walnuts.


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