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July 22, 2012

Chocolate pot

The chocolate pot- a classic. Maybe not very ‘out there’ in terms of trendiness, but you can bling it up very easily with a sophisticated biscuit (rosemary biscotti kind of thing) and they look lovely in little cups.

Gu has made millions from all things chilled and chocolate, but there is something slightly depressing about shop-bought mousse. Reminds me of primary school.

So how about whipping up (literally) your very own gu.

Like all chilled desserts, it’s a good one to have up your sleeve, as they can be made in advance and last for up to a week in the fridge, to do what you like with…


To make about seven pots you’ll need:

  • 350ml Double Cream
  • 250ml Full Fat Milk
  • 350g Good Quality Dark Chocolate (I like them really dark, at LEAST 70%)
  • 5 Egg Yolks
  • 75g Caster Sugar
  • 3 Egg Whites

Eggs and chocolate

Ok first chop up your chocolate into small chunks, trying not to eat too many of them and set aside in a large bowl.


Heat your milk and cream, until just boiled and pour over the chocolate and just leave for the chocolate to melt.

Next over a ban marie (a pan of simmering water with a heatproof bowl over the top) whisk your egg yolks and sugar. I don’t own a heatproof bowl yet, so I’ve just used a little saucepan…

Eggs and sugar Whisk

You’ll need to whisk continuously until the yolk thickens and lightens in colour.


What this is doing is creating a sabayon, which thickens and sets the mousse. Keep whisking until the egg is thick, like paint, and hot to touch (that’s when you know the egg is cooked).


Now return to your chocolate milk mixture, give it a good whisk to ensure all the chocolate is mixed in and pour over your sabayon. Mix thoroughly.

Pour 1 Alt text

Now whisk your egg whites with a little sugar (about 20g) to soft peaks, but don’t beat the hell out of them, if you do you’ll end up not being able to mix them in to the chocolate properly.


Fold your whites into your chocolate sababyon mix. Try to keep your movements light and gentle so that you keep the air in the mix, but make sure the whites are fully mixed in.


Now pour into your desired pots and chill for a few hours, best is overnight.

It’s up to you how you serve these, on their own with raspberries is lovely, but it you want to pimp them up a bit you could serve them with rosemary shortbread, caramelised oranges, coconut quinels, or my personal favourite sprinkle with ground coffee or grated pistachio.

Chocolate pot

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