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cooking four salads

June 22, 2013

There’s a dead cool new shop opened in Peckham called General Store, it sells mackerel wrapped up in brown paper, special jam made in Hackney, Stoke Newington smoked salmon and proper eccles cakes. I love it there, I want to buy it all.

I think the thing with salads is they shouldn’t be over-complicated. They don’t require more than a few ingredients if they are the right ingredients.

This week I found these French radishes that… just look at them…



I sautéed them with olive oil, salt, peas and mint. The peppery radish and sweet peas are a good combo.

radishes and peas

There is another shop in peckham, a Costcutter, less pretty than General Store, but they sell some damn fine fruit. So I thought it only fair to give them some credit and use their heritage tomatoes.


Make a dressing from chopped shallots, sherry vinegar, sugar, salt and olive oil. Serve as they are.

tom salad

Or with goats curd.

toms w/curd

It’s that time of year when great slabs of watermelon are gracing the newsagents of South London. The best way with watermelon, I think, is feta and mint…



Finally, asparagus. Like green soldiers, they salute the summer. Serve also with feta and mint, and if you have bacon lying around, add that too.



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