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cooking roast chicken soup w/sweetcorn dumplings

May 29, 2014



I had the MOTHER of all migraines on Sunday. It was prosecco induced, so I couldn’t even get any sympathy for it. After 10 hours, I lay there like something out of The Excorcist. If you haven’t had a migraine, it sort of feels like you’re being hit in the head repeatedly by paintballs — and you’re not wearing a helmet. Plus your stomach rejects anything you dare put in it, even H20.

So now that I’ve painted that lovely picture for you, let’s move on to the recovery food. Chicken soup was my medicine of choice.

I’ve covered Jewish penicillin before but there’s another one that needs adding: this roasted chicken soup, which is gloriously chickeny. It takes some time to make, but it’s quite a therapeutic process. It gently bubbles away in the background — filling your kitchen with tremendously soothing l’eau d’chicken while you get on with life admin. The sweetcorn dumplings sit on top are just the ticket - sweet, soft and cuddly.

Sweat your vegetables mirepoix

Roast a chicken chicken

Sit the chicken on top pot

Add stock, wine and bay Alt text

For the dumplings mix together fat, flour and sweetcorn mix

Add a little water batter

Shape into balls balls

Drain your soup, discard the vegetables and add the picked chicken back soup

Steam your dumplings

Add take a large dose.


Find the full recipe here

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