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cooking pork n beans

August 16, 2014

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Don’t often cook pork because I’m not keen on very porky pork if you get me? Some pork tastes overly piggy, and perhaps it’s my Jewish roots reining me in, but I like my pork toned down a little.

Pork tenderloin isn’t very porky — it’s a milky, lean cut and a dream to cook. You just roll it in salt and peppery spices, pan fry on all sides, put it in the oven for about 15mins, then slice. Pork can take a lot of seasoning and spice.

I’m not going to insult anyones intelligence with including a recipe here, because I’m not saying this is even worthy of one, think of this as a chummy suggestion.

I rolled my pork in Chinese 5 spice and laid it on garlicky green beans, carrot ribbons and crushed peanuts. Quick and tasty it was.

Variations I think would be good for the spice rub and, errrr, mattress (you can’t say bed, it’s no longer 1997):

Chilli flakes and smoked paprika on stewed chickpeas

Crushed cumin and coriander seeds on Indian slaw

Fennel seed and dried rosemary with olive oil and butterbean mash

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Oh also, you could just salt and pepper it and have it on remoulade, that’s a gooden too :)

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