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cooking Pulled Lamb with spring slaw

April 17, 2014


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I quite like Easter. None of the faff of Christmas – no presents to buy that people don’t like, no presents that you don’t like. It’s straightforward – eggs, chocolate, T.V. and maybe a family ritual thrown in. Mine involves my father (err, I mean the Easter bunny) hiding mini eggs around the garden in the most obscure places he can, while my sister and I go on a frenzied rampage to find them. Someone always gets hurt.

But what does one cook for Easter lunch? I’ve got it covered and tied up with a big Easter bow. This ‘pulled lamb’ is a more casual way of enjoying the traditional roast lamb, and it’s much cheaper than buying the leg. It can be piled into burgers, you can go Moroccan and team it with apricot couscous and toasted almonds, or serve it with typical roast dinner accoutrements. It has a spicy crust and is meltingly tender inside, so much so that you can pull it apart with forks rather than slicing it. It takes a day worth of cooking time, so I suggest putting it the oven when you go to bed. There’s no better alarm clock than the smell of pulled lamb. I made a spring slaw to go with mine which is nice because it’s pretty and feels fresh in contrast to the lamb.


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