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cooking quick Chinese pork with Spring Onion Pancakes

March 05, 2014


This recipe was born out of frustration. What does one do with mince when one can’t face shaping meatballs, stirring a Bolognese, or waiting for the oven to heat up? This is what you do!

You simply fry it off with a range of deliciously Chinesey (err, yes it’s a technical term) store cupboard essentials and the pork is transformed into a salty, sweet, spicy, crunchy mass. It’s really good over brown rice or with noodles, or with pancakes. Now I know that TUESDAY was Pancake Day BUT in my house we celebrate for the entire week, so I served my pork with spring onion pancakes, and amen, it was a good decision.

Cucumber is often sidelined to salad only. But it’s SO good fried. It breaks down a little in the heat so the texture becomes more gherkin-like. It’s nice because it doesn’t overpower. Same goes for radishes.




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