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cooking rose and cardamom kulfi with pistachios

July 11, 2014


When I was a small child I got terribly upset about a lot of things. Things like not wanting to wear shoes, not wanting to put a cardigan on, y’know, quite rightly very distressing stuff. My mum used mini milk ice-creams as a soother; they always helped dry the tears.

I am now considerably older and, while my current upset is no longer cardigan-related, Kulfi - an eggless Indian ice-cream acts like a giant, perfumed mini milk - a small, dainty reminder that things turn out ok eventually.

birds eye

I want to insist you make this fragrant, pretty thing. It’s beautifully perfumed and moreover you don’t need to whip, churn, stress. No ice-cream maker required. I hands down prefer it to ice-cream.

You can buy kulfi moulds which are long and pointy, but if you don’t have them, as I didn’t, then just use lolly moulds or small metal pudding moulds.


Find the recipe here

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