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cooking slutty pear tarts

May 15, 2014


Some people find pastry stressful. I understand why. Lining a tart tin properly can be awkward. So this one’s for you.

Tart case, cookie cutters, baking beans, greaseproof paper – be gone. All you need for this recipe is a pair of hands and a rolling pin.

The fruit steams inside the pastry, which stays crisp because it’s cooked upside down, much like a tart tatin. You don’t even need sugar or butter because the pear caramelises its own juices on the baking tray.




I have used this method so far with plums and pears and it’s worked brilliantly. Serve with whatever, but if you’re trying it with pears then chocolate sauce is a no-brainer.

For excellent sweet pastry, I suggest this recipe (divide accordingly.


Find the full recipe here

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