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cooking spätzle with brown butter and peas

May 08, 2014


Spätzle – Germanys answer to Macaroni. These pasta-like noodles are made by pushing fresh dough through a colander (unless you happen to own a spatzle maker) where it drops into boiling water, forming funny worm shaped dumplings, which are then fried in butter.




The proper way to eat spätzle, I believe, is with fried onions and lots of melted cheese, which I’d even go so far as to say it better than mac and cheese, it’s kind of fresher and doughier. My affection for spätzle has deepened since finding out you only need 3 ingredients to make it. Clever old Germans.

You can have it with anything. Drop a handful into chicken soup or serve it with stews and meatballs. My way of serving it this time is with peas, cheese and browned butter. It’s a more summery version, because it’s too bloody hot for stew, and if I eat anymore mac and cheese this week I’ll develop scurvy. Anyway, this lemony, herby spätzle is delicious, like a warm pasta salad.

Find the recipe here

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