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cooking tuna tartare

July 15, 2014

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I cook to procrastinate.

When my emails are stacking up – you’ll find me in the kitchen, rooting through cupboards. My Bolognese is never better when my tax return is due, and you should see my ‘deadline’ scones.

Right now I cannot cook. I cannot actually concentrate on anything. My mind is elsewhere. I split a béchamel yesterday, and couldn’t cook an egg properly this morning.

Tuna tartare doesn’t require any cooking. Making it the perfect go-to in times when one’s head is in tatters.


Tuna steaks are so easy to overcook anyway so why not—not cook them? This way, you get the best out of the tuna; best silky texture, best nutrients, best flavour. It’s fresh, clean shines with the help of a little anointing. The only one important rule with tartare, like ceviche is that the fish needs to be uber fresh, so take a trip to your fishmonger, not your supermarket, and tell them you demand ‘sushi grade’ goddammit.

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