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cooking wild garlic, chicken and farro risotto

May 01, 2014

wild risotto

I stumbled across a patch of something green and garlicky in the woods over Easter. Ello, ello, what had we here then?

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It’s only a big, leafy patch of wild garlic. Bloody love this stuff.

Wild garlic is a sluts dream. It’s like spinach and garlic in one, which means you don’t have to waste time chopping up actual garlic cloves. I don’t really like risotto that much. So often it’s just a but ikky and baby food like. But since discovering the likes of farro, things have changed.


Farro is an Italian wheat grain that is pretty much the same thing as spelt. It’s nutty and tastes like a combination between brown rice and pearl barley. You can get it in most supermarkets now, it’s called something like ‘quick cook farro’ in Waitrose, and it’s brilliant ‘cos it only takes 10mins to cook. Using it as a replacement for aborio rice means you get a textured risotto, if like me, you like yours with a bit of bite.

Find the full recipe here


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