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cooking 15 minute cod n chips

February 27, 2014


There are a few fixes I need in my life on a regular basis. One of them is fish and chips.

I have however one big ol’ fish and chip-shaped problem. That is that there are no good chippies near me. I can get top notch tapas, oh yes. Incredible kebab. Resplendent Sunday roasts, and baklava 24/7. But decent fish and chips? Alas, no. Must be because I don’t live in the North.

My salvation comes in the form of this recipe. Cod and Chips in under 15 minutes, it might not be the real McCoy, but it’s a hell of a lot less calories, and it has all the flavours of a fish supper. I have mine with a bit of something green – tenderstem or summit usually -polishes halo-.

Click below for the recipe via Domestic Sluttery


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