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cooking a carrot salad with peanut dressing

May 20, 2014


Yeah, this isn’t really a recipe, I mean salad is salad but I’ve started questioning why I don’t put stuff like this up on the blog more often? I think it’s because

a) I’m not sure if the camera has got enough juice in it and

b) I don’t think such simplicity is worthy of a recipe. And that’s sort of ridiculous. So here’s my carrot salad that I ate in front of the FA cup final on Saturday.

There is only one rule for carrot salad that I think is really important, and that’s the cutting of the carrots. Either use a Japanese mandolin or cut the carrots into matchsticks by hand. I wouldn’t grate, it makes it all mooshy and wet and rank.

Next the dressing, very important. I’d go Asian. And by Asian I mean put the following in an empty jam jar and shake up:

  • sesame oil
  • rice vinegar
  • mirim
  • tahini or peanut butter

One other thought with carrot salad - just let it be carrots, nothing else other than a smattering of chopped dill and coriander and some seeds if you have them - like black onion seeds (what I used).




I am a fan of, let’s call it one dimensional salad. It’s more confident and eats better than a big old pile of tumbled vegetables.

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