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cooking apple plate pie

September 22, 2014


I have an ‘apple pie Mum’. Not that she’s ever stayed home and been domestic in any way. More in that she’ll…sometimes makes an apple pie :/

Her pies have gone through various alterations throughout the decades. They’ve been deep-filled with huge chucks of sour apple, shallow-filled with sweet apple mush, and often billowing with puff pastry. There’s nearly always been a great hulking piece of cinnamon lurking in there, shedding it’s bark.

I bought her a Japanese mandolin for last Christmas, and she now she makes this kind — a plate pie, which has layers of perfectly tart sliced apple inside and a sweet pastry crust.

It’s the best so far. It’s the kind of pie that you’d see in Tom and Jerry, resting on the windowsill. It also doesn’t require any additional sugar.

I didn’t take enough photos when making it, but basically you just layer up the apples until you’ve used them all. Think French apple torte. The recipe feeds about 6

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To Make it

6 granny smith apples

about 2 tbsp marmalade for daubing

1 block sweet pastry — my recipe is here, or just buy it — I like this one from Sains

zest of 1 lemon

cinnamon for dusting

1 egg (for the wash)


  • Roll out half the pastry and layer it over a heatproof plate. Cut out a plate-sized circle of greaseproof and cover with baking beans
  • Bake for about 20mins, then remove the beans and paper, and cook blind for another 10. You may need to put some foil around the outer edges if they colour quicker than the middle
  • Brush the cooked pastry with egg white and leave to cool completely
  • Peel and slice the apples thinly with a mandolin
  • Layer up the slices over the pastry, dabbing marmelade here and there as you go, and dusting with cinnamon and lemon zest. It will seem like you have too much apple, but build it high - they cook down
  • Roll out the top layer and squidge the sides in. Don’t worry about it looking dead neat — this is a humble pie. Egg wash the edges to the base


  • Egg wash the top and cut a cross. Bake for about half an hour or until it looks like the pie from Tom and Jerry

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These are the instructions I included with my mothers mandolin — she’s cut herself every time she’s used it, of course.


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  • andrea feaver

    November 03, 2014

    Love the description of the pie. Alice is so much better at making this than I ever was. The mandolin drawing is just too, too accurate. OUch.

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