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January 28, 2014

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Spätzle (pronounced ‘spetch-lay’) is like a sort of small German noodle/dumpling, a bit like mac n cheese. You can make it within 15 minutes– the fresh dough just falls into boiling water and cooks in seconds. Good if your cupboards are bare and you can’t face walking to Sainsbury’s in the rain.

To make enough for 2 you need:

1 cup (about 250g) of 00’ pasta flour (I used this because it was what I had in the house, but I’m assured you can just use plain flour)

2 free range eggs

roughy a cup of milk (200ml)

So, start by seasoning your flour in a bowl with salt, pepper and fresh nutmeg if you have it.

Make a well in the centre of your flour, just as you would if you were making pancakes, and crack your eggs in.


Mix the eggs in with a wooden spoon until fully combined, then add enough milk until you get a thick-ish batter.

Put the batter in the fridge for five minutes (or you can leave it in there for up to two days).

When you’re ready to cook the batter - place a colander (preferably with large holes) over a large pot of salty boiling water. Push the batter through the colander so it squeezes through the holes and drops into the water – remove the colander and cook them for about a minute only.


You should end up with little cooked batter worms – that’s your spätzle. Drain them and fry them in butter.


Traditionally you’d have them with caramelised onions and lots of cheese only. I added spinach to mine in an attempt to get something green in there, and it was good.