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cooking homemade ting

June 20, 2015

Ting is a can of grapefruit soda. You can buy in Peckham, Brixton or Stockwell, or anywhere with a Caribbean vibe. My local roti shop has a steady supply…

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Now, I’m well aware that unless you’re a South London naative, you may not have easy access to any Ting—if so fear not.

I like to do my own Ting. It’s a trusty hangover quencher and an excellent summer mixer. It works well as Gin an Ting, Vodka n Ting, Rum n Ting—any Ting, really. Ok, I’ll stop now.

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Make some Ting!

For 4:

75g caster sugar

75ml water

4 yellow grapefruits

1 litre soda water

ice cubes

Bring the sugar and water to the boil, then remove from the heat and allow to cool. Fridge it up for an hour or so until completely chilled. I usually make up a batch and keep it for things like sorbets.

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Juice the grapefruits, strain the juice…

white grapefruits

… combine it with the soda water and ice.


Add the sugar syrup to your taste. If it’s a particularly scorchio day and you own a blender, add a tonne of ice and make yourself a Ting slushie.

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You can do the same with limes, lemons and blood oranges.