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cooking bacon chapati and a chai masala

March 18, 2014


ONE of my favourite breakfasts is a builders style bacon sandwich, brimming with ketchup on soft white bread and a sweet cup of tea. Or at least it used to be, until I discovered Dishoom.

Dishoom is an Indian restaurant in London. You may not associate Indian restaurants with breakfast but don’t be too hasty - as their bacon naan is like the best bacon sandwich you ever had (naanwich?). It’s made with home-made naan bread, sweet chilli jam, creamy yoghurt and coriander. APPLAUSE.

Oh and that steaming mug of sweet tea to go with? That’ll be a Chai Masala. It’s sweet tea made with equal amounts of black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. It’s dreamy.

Any day that starts like this is a good day.

My D.I.Y. version uses homemade chapatis, rather than naan (I don’t have the time or or patience to start making my own naan bread, oh no). Chapatis on the other hand, well, they only use two ingredients and one of them is water - hurrah!


Find the recipe here

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