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cooking Black and White pancakes

March 04, 2014


How do you like your pancakes in the morning? I like mine wafer thin, piled high and doused in lemon and sugar. Call me boring, I can handle it.

But this year I have turned to one of my favourite cakes for this years inspiration – Guinness and Chocolate.


I love the drama of the black vs white. The ‘black’ comes in the form of a standard American pancake batter but with dark cocoa and Guinness. The ‘white’ comes in the form of a cream cheese sauce.

If you don’t like Guinness, don’t worry, no-one does except my weird next door neighbour Brian. The Guinness takes away the sickly sweetness of pure chocolate flavour and leaves a dark chocolate undertone with a slight bitterness that goes really nicely with the milky sauce.




For the full recipe go here

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