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cooking borscht

March 11, 2014


I have had the worst cold this week. I have sounded like Michael Caine and wherever I have gone a Hansel and Gretel trail of tissues has followed. I’ve lost count of how many lemon and whiskey drinks I’ve shot back.

Nourishing soup was the answer, but I am just not into the whole puréed soup thing. You see, I have a good old set of God given gnashers, and I like to use ‘em. Why purée all the interesting bits of a nice soup to smithereens? This beetroot soup is a cracker, and not a blender in sight. It’s a fun colour, is like soooooo good for you and it turns a somewhat intimidating bunch of beetroots into something spring-y, clear and alive. Beetroot can be a little too sweet sometimes, but in this soup it’s balanced by the other vegetables. Also you get to feel like a Russian peasant when you ladle it out.

My Grandad used to pride himself on making his borscht by boiling up a cows foot, for depth of flavour, so this is my homage to him, only using slightly more accessible beef stock. There are some dishes that I believe shouldn’t be tampered with when it comes to tradition. This is one of them. Serve as the Russians do and add a dollop of sour cream and a smattering of dill, and a shot of voddy.


Find the full recipe here


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