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cooking Sausage Pastels

June 17, 2014


So IN CASE YOU HADN’T NOTICED, the world cup is happening. So we’re in need of a few more stomach liners and party nibbles to counteract the beer aren’t we?

Sausage rolls are what is eaten at England matches (so I’m told, I’ve never actually been to one). In Brazil they have a street snack called Pastel (translates simply to ‘pastry’), which is a deep fried crispy envelope, which is filled with spicy beef, chicken, cheese or even banana. They look a bit like those McDonalds apple pies. You can find them all over Brazil.

You can see where I’m going here can’t you? I’ve created a mongrel, aptly titled ‘Sausage Pastels’.

I’ve made these ones quite small because to be honest I would be arrested by nutritionists if they got hold of this recipe. They are essentially deep fried sausage rolls. Enjoy with ice cold beer and some spicy sauce. And don’t get too hammered because remember you’ve got confession in the morning.

So, to run you through it:

First you make the dough (if you can’t be bothered just use wonton pastry or filo). The dough contains vodka to make it crisp up better


I’ve made circular ones because I found it’s easier than making rectangles


The filling is just sausage-meat, so get really good sausages, Dutchy Originals or other. Adding chorizo would be good




These work EXCEPTIONALLY well from frozen. And you don’t need a gallon of oil, just a couple of inches, and fry them in batches, making sure the oil is good and hot before you put them in.




Find the recipe here

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