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cooking coconut rice pudding with blackened mango

February 27, 2014


There are two kinds of pudding in the world.

The first is pudding we make to impress. We’re talking meringue towers, ice-cream castles, things made with choux pastry.

The other is the sort that you eat from a bowl whilst standing up, alone.

This pudding is the latter.

It’s soft, nourishing and delicately spiced. Proper familiar nursery style comfort, with a nod towards the tropics. The best part is, aside from an the occasional stir, it makes itself.

The real reason I made this the other day is because I was going out. My hangovers have been fucking horrendous of late and my grandma (who is basically an alcoholic) told me to avoid hangover by drinking a glass of milk before departure.

Well I didn’t have any milk. It was 10pm. I did however happen to have all you need for this rice pudding. So there I was, my shiny pants on, full eyeliner, eating rice pudding alone in my tiny kitchen.

For the record, the glass of milk thing does work. This recipe doesn’t (prevent hangover). But it is nice.

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