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cooking crispy mushroom 'calamari'

July 08, 2014


I don’t normally buy mushrooms but I found this VERY exciting looking box of mixed wild mushrooms in a store in Peckham the other day and ran home with it, giggling.


I made a really quite disgusting miso broth thing, and used some in that. Horrible it was. The mushrooms went all soggy and slimy. So to counteract this disastrous happening I wanted something quick and crunchy. Then a bag of matzo meal fell on my head from the cupboard, like a sign from God.

I’ve called them calamari because not only do they look like calamari, but they actually taste like calamari too - you’ve got that crispy tentacle thing going on. You could do this with normal mushrooms I guess, but the weirder enoki ones create the more surface area, and therefore more crunch. I assume we all like crunch? The seasoning is important, I sprinkled them with lots of sea salt, chilli flakes. Good result. Feel particularly proud that I haven’t made any ‘fun-guy’ refs. in this post.




You will need:

  • A punnet of mixed wild mushrooms

  • milk

  • matzo meal or fine breadcrumbs

Dip the mushrooms into milk then matzo meal, making sure they are good and coated. Fry them in an inch of hot oil. Drain on kitchen paper and sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Serve with rice vinegar or lemon.

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