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cooking Fig and Black Pepper Baked Ham

April 02, 2014

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I had a strong urge to bake a ham this past week. Why is it that ham only gets thought about around Christmas when there’s shitloads of food around then anyway? A home-made ham does take a bit of hob and oven time but it’s minimal effort to prepare and maximum outcome. Make it at the weekend and you are set up for the week. I’m talking sandwiches, soup, lentils, salads or just cut thick and had with whatever is in the fridge.

My ham glaze was improvised, and after a few google searches and cupboard rummaging I decided upon the following. Fig relish (if you can’t get this then ginger jam or any fruit chutney), maple syrup, soy sauce, mustard, crushed black peppercorns and a shot of whiskey. It created a warm sticky slightly fruity coating.



I have concluded that ham is not just for Christmas, it’s for (an easy) life.



baked fin

Find the full recipe here

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