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cooking Flour-less Grapefruit & Almond Pudding

April 01, 2014



Baked puddings can be stodgy. This one ain’t – it’s a summery, light, damp and spongy. I have made these little pudding-like cakes before, but with orange rather than grapefruit. What I love about this recipe is that you don’t waste anything, it uses the the peel, the pips, the pith, the lot.


Using the whole fruit gives the cake a slight bitterness and stickiness, that makes it amazingly moist. It also doesn’t use any flour OR dairy. It’s eggs and ground almonds that do the magic. This is such a simple recipe that I’m pretty sure even my dad could do it and that’s really saying something. My dad hasn’t made a cake since 1976 and uses saucepans for painting brushes.

Find the recipe here

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