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cooking crispy plantain with scotch bonnet sauce

May 27, 2014


I hadn’t ever really tried plantain except once at primary school. I knew that for me it would be highly convienient to like plantain, the bananas firmer, carbier cousin, because you get buy them EVERYWHERE in South London. 3 for a quid usually.

2 banana

Issue is - I’m not that into bananas. I don’t like the ripe ones. The association of an old banana skin left lying in a plastic bag on car journeys never hasn’t left me since childhood.

If I do eat a banana, I like it to be a little too firm, tinged with green, almost woody. Childhood screws you up.

I tried the green ones first because they were such a beautiful green. DON’T BUY THESE. I fried them up and they just tasted like old tough potato. Possible good for making crisps with though.


Second attempt was better. My corner shop man told me it’s the old yellow/black ones you’ve got to go for. They’re like a cross between a potato and a banana. What I really like is that they are a suitable for savoury stuff, think curries, tacos and toasted sandwiches.


Just shallow fried and scattered with sea salt is good but what really makes them SUPREME is serving them with a really hot smoky pepper sauce - and a little smattering of crumbled feta. It’s like hot - sweet - salty -creamy - cold - firey. And where you find plantain, you can expect to find scotch bonnet chillis - which are properly, ridiculously hot, so you only need one or two.

I don’t have a barbecue, so all my smokiness and charring comes from my gas rings - If you’re adopting this method just make sure you’ve got tongs. Definitely use tongs.

Just sit some peppers in the naked flame until they are blackened


Do the same with the scotch bonnets


Toast the spices in a dry pan then blitz with sugar, vinegar, oil etc.


Heat an inch or so of oil and add the plantain - however you wish to cut it




Keep frying and the rest explains itself :)







Find the recipe here

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