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cooking blood orange-meringue posset

March 31, 2014


For years and years I have made the most Traditional of Old English desserts – lemon posset as a fall back, trusty pudding. I am lazy, so any dessert that can be made with only three (yes, I said it, three!) ingredients is going to be my friend. Lemons, check. Sugar, check. Cream, check.

But, as with most things done repeatedly for years and years, it becomes reliable and a tad dull (we are still talking about desserts right?). I decided it was time to get zesty and give the posset a makeover. What I came up with was this - a hybrid between a lemon meringue pie and a posset, but made with blood oranges as well as lemon..yeah. Anyway, it’s really delicious and as easy as lemon meringue (non-pie) to make. Nice with biscuits of various descriptions.

Note: You will need a blow torch. If you don’t have one – just get one. You can pretend you’re in Flashdance AND they also come in handy for things like chargrilling peppers, barbecuing corn and getting things out of moulds.

Find the full recipe here


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