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cooking hot chocolate, the Italian way

June 26, 2014


I felt like the majority of my time in Sicily was spent topping up my liquid levels. You know how it is when it’s weirdly hot, it throws you. Emergency bottles of san pel. are strapped to the body like weapons.

Then your energy levels are low and you need coffee.

Then more water to counterbalance the coffee.

Then a little Aperol spritz because you’re on holiday. Then more aperol spritz because you’re not driving, then more because it’s nice. Then after a while you’ll need ANOTHER coffee — then more emergency water. It’s a time consuming business. A portable seline drip would be ideal for this sort of situation.

The only thing I found difficult to ‘drink’ in Sicily was the cioccolata calda, which is so thick it’s more akin to pudding.

Italian hot choco is a thick, dark custard-like mass of silky chocolate liquid. I thought I’d write this up because having wanted pudding the other night, and with no means to make it — I made this and my cravings were satisfied. It’s got a real nursery type comfort about it.

If you like a bit of salt with your sweet, sprinkle a tiny bit of sea salt atop before spooning in.



Find the recipe here

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