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cooking mac & cheese picnic slice

July 29, 2014


I found myself eating cold spaghetti carbonara out of the fridge the other night. Spaghetti carbonara isn’t something I normally make, but my friend loves it, so selflessly (I reminded her several times) I made it for her. I resolved there and then that cold spaghetti should be elevated to al fresco eating. So here it is - mac and cheese loaf.

By baking pasta in a loaf tin, you end up with a dense, creamy slice of the spaghetti pie. It’s structural integrity means it’s perfect for picnic parties. Don’t hold back on the cheese and ham, and throw in whatever you like; sun blushed tomatoes, olives, herbs etc. You can also have it warm if you’re at home.

Note — if you have any left over, take it home, fry each slice in butter, top with a fried egg and put some chilli sauce on the side. Pure filth, but when has that ever been a problem?


Find the recipe here

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