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cooking Melty baked Avocado

April 10, 2014


You can feel the love for avocados the world over. I haven’t yet met anyone who doesn’t at least like little green fellas. Megaphone announcement ‘Is there anyone out there??” The benefits to the hair, skin, eyes, nails and general all-round human needs are staggering.

But buying these ‘alligator pears’ can be problematic. Once too often I’ve found them to be either rock hard and neither ‘ripe nor ready’. When you want avocado and you WANT IT NOW– try baking ‘em. The idea of cooking one seems a bit odd at first, but it’s delicious, it’s I hear that it was popular in the seventies, and who doesn’t love a seventies revival. Hello prawn cocktail!

Works nicely with both hard and softer avos, can be baked naked or filled with whatever you like. I went for Italian pizza topping stuffs for the melt factor. If you want to add a bit of crunch, add breadcrumbs to the top.



Find the recipe here

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