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cooking stuffed courgette flowers with salty ricotta and honey

June 09, 2014

So I made these in Sicily last week. Bit of shitty picture I know, but forgive me I was VERY chilled out at the time.


Sicilians do ricotta and honey very well thanks to the Greeks and Arabs who settled there (like bare time ago). They use both a lot, particularly in desserts. They also grow amazing vegetables, especially where we were staying at the foot of mount Etna. The volcanic soil is rich in minerals so the vegetables taste incredible. I found a punnet of baby courgette flowers in a corner shop and had to have.


I don’t think you should ever do anything else with courgette flowers, you just need this one recipe, that’s you sorted for courgette flowers, for LIFE.


You just need:

  • some courgette flowers

  • some salted (brined) ricotta. Use goats cheese or feta as replacement

  • honey for drizzling

  • olive oil for frying and drizzling

make ‘em:

  1. stuff the flower parts with cheese.
  2. fry in olive oil
  3. drizzle with honey


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