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June 15, 2014


So Tom and I went to Sicily for just over a week. We stayed in Syracuse for a few nights, and then spent the rest of our time in a tiny Village on Etna mountain in a bungalow at the end of an Italian couples garden. Some reasons why staying there is recommended:

  1. the wine they make there is very very nice, too nice

  2. it gets so dark at night you can see a million stars

  3. the volcanic soil makes the vegetables unreal. We brought almonds back with us because they taste so… almondy.

  4. you can drive everywhere from the mountain, surrounding towns etc.

  5. there aren’t any tourists staying on mount Etna, they come in the day to go up a cable car, then leave.

  6. climbing to the top of the volcano is quite tough going, but worth it. Plus you can stop and buy cake and chips half way up. The view at the top is a bit what I expect Mars to look like.

Reasons not to stay there:

  1. If you can’t drive or are a nervous driver be warned. They drive like morons.

  2. There is no 2.

The place we stayed in had a swimming pool. I tried and failed to do some Hockney-esque pool sketches. Turns out it’s really hard to draw perfect swimming pool water with pencils. That was the problem for me and the area, it was all just so damn pretty and perfect.



Tom morphing into Rooney


Canoli - deep fried pastry tubes filled with sweet ricotta.






Mountain trucks trucks





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