Having studied Fine Art at university, I went on to train as a professional chef at Westminster Kingsway in 2011. I slogged it out for a few years, working in restaurants; amongst others, Bentley’s (Richard Corrigan) and Granger and co. (Bill Granger).

Since then, between catering for private events and parties as a freelancer - I became involved in the London food start-up scene, and have worked as a recipe designer for recipe kit services for the majority of that time.

Most recently, I’ve dedicated my time to ‘planet friendly’ recipes while working on yoga retreats in Spain, serving vegan food to suit dietary needs. This is the path I am now on. My aim is to help make the future of food appealing, balanced and accessible.

While food is my primary career focus, art and creating images is part of my everyday. Both feed into each-other, as it were.

Whether you would like to talk about private catering, recipe development, food styling, consultancy or art and design commissions — I’d love to hear from you…

email; alice.feaver@gmail.com

instagram; alice.is