slow braised chickpeas w/tomato, lemon and bay


Chickpeas are slow-cooked with rough and ready lemon peel, whole garlic and bay and cooked until it has lazed into a melting pool. I love to have with burrata and wild garlic pesto and maybe some chewy sourdough for the juices.

Add a jar (doesn’t have to be a jar, but I love a jar) of drained chickpeas to a baking dish with a jar of tomatoes, the same jars worth of water (this can be wine or half an half), a whole bulb of garlic cut in half through the middle, half a lemon, chopped into small bits—yes pith, skin, everything —this melts into the stew and becomes edible. A couple of bay-leaves, 1 tbsp honey (or a couple of dates chopped), a large pinch of fennel seeds, 2 large pinchfuls of sea salt and a big slug of extra virgin.

Put this into a low oven - 150 - for 3 hours or until you want to have melting chickpeas, soft lemon peel and a rich fragrant tomato sauce.

plant-based spelt scones

Tap together 500g spelt flour, 1.5 tsp baking powder, 0.5 tsp bicarb. Rub 155g fat (butter/coconut oil) in the flour with dainty fingers until you have sandy breadcrumbs. Stir in a handful of sugar, a large pinch of salt and 2 hands of sultanas. Stir in 225ml soy milk plus juice of half a lemon and 1 tsp chia seeds - left to stand for 15 mins) and stir into a soft dough. Trick here is to not overwork AT ALL.

Roll out thick. My trick is to go as thick as you can then cut out big ones. Brush with more soy milk then bake at 200 for 10 minutes. They want hot oven - quick rise - minimal drying out time. Cool on wire rack and eat warm. They can be revived the next couple of days by being splashed with a flirty amount of water and re-hot-ovened for 5 minutes.


Lemon coconut tart

Blend 100g toasted almonds, a big handful of desiccated coconut, 5 dates and a large pinch of sea salt, until you have a dry-ish nutty paste. Press this into a lined cake tin, pressing the mix evenly and firmly to form a solid base. Freeze this while you make the filling. 

Warm 400ml coconut milk and separately mix a few spoons with 2 tbsp cornflour, then return the cornflour mix to the pan and whisk until thickened. This is your coconut custard. 

Blend 1 cup soaked cashews with the zest and juice of 3 lemons, 3 more dates and a few spoons of water and blitz until smooth, then add the coconut custard and a tsp turmeric. Re-blend. You should have a thickish yellow custard mix, you may have to add a little more water if too thick. If too loose, add more nuts. 

Pour the mix into the base, smooth and decorate. Looks cool without. I used lemon zest and black sesame :)


vegan butter portions

Baby avocados - far too cute to cut. I served these with warm soda spelt bread as part of the brunch offering at Yoga Sutra Shala 2019

vegan butter.jpg

foraging Valencia

Apricots. Did these as a spelt crumble and almond cream


^ Cherries which we ate as they were :)

charred chicory, onion & pear, tahini dressing and pecan crumbs

Cut red onions into quarters with the skin on and roast them for an hour in a low oven some quartered pears alongside. Cut the chicory in half and cook it in a very hot pan until just charred. Make a dressing with tahini, garlic, lemon, olive oil and a splash of any milk. s and p. The pecans are put through the oven with a tbsp of sesame seeds and drizzle of honey over them for 10 mins, then bashed with sea salt and nigella seeds.


foraging beefsteak mushroom - Bristol

Beefsteak mushroom - looks can be deceptive, this guy lulls you into thinking you’re going to be chewing through brisket. You’re not - it’s very acidic. I think perhaps if you salted it, left it for a few hours in a colander then made a creamy herby sauce, it could work as a strognaoff. But there’s no getting away from the texture which is sort of gelatinous/fleshy. It’s a joy to just chop up and gawp at. Makes me question - is this nature’s way of reminding us we are just flesh/mushrooms? Some more fun than others :)


green tea noodles & smoked barbecue tofu

Marinade smoked tofu in equal amounts of soy sauce and honey. Leave as long as you can, then flame the tofu as you would a steak. It’s steaky and smoky and umami. For the noodles; make strong green tea, then cook buckwheat noodles in the tea instead of water. I like to eat this with any greens dressed in sesame oil and grated pickled ginger.


roast roots w/tahini yoghurt & golden dukkah

From left; herby millet tabbouleh - curried cauliflower and carrot, tahini yoghurt, almond dukkah - rude red slaw. Plant-based evening menu for Yoga Sutra Shala, Valenica, Spain. 2019


Alt. eggs

For an alt. to scrambled eggs, this is a genuine solution.

See instagram for recipe

Tofu scrambled eggs; pan fry a diced onion in neutral oil with a good pinch of salt. Get it going, then reduce heat to low and leave alone to caramelise - at least 20mins (this is where the flavour comes from). Add tofu, turmeric, nutmeg and black pepper and break up the tofu in the pan. Add a splash of water and a lid and cook low for 15mins. Mix some chopped dill through and go hard on seasoning. I like to use black lava salt to give a sulphurous flavour
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