slow braised chickpeas w/tomato, lemon and bay


Chickpeas are slow-cooked with rough and ready lemon peel, whole garlic and bay and cooked until it has lazed into a melting pool. I love to have with burrata and wild garlic pesto and maybe some chewy sourdough for the juices.

Add a jar (doesn’t have to be a jar, but I love a jar) of drained chickpeas to a baking dish with a jar of tomatoes, the same jars worth of water (this can be wine or half an half), a whole bulb of garlic cut in half through the middle, half a lemon, chopped into small bits—yes pith, skin, everything —this melts into the stew and becomes edible. A couple of bay-leaves, 1 tbsp honey (or a couple of dates chopped), a large pinch of fennel seeds, 2 large pinchfuls of sea salt and a big slug of extra virgin.

Put this into a low oven - 150 - for 3 hours or until you want to have melting chickpeas, soft lemon peel and a rich fragrant tomato sauce.