Black rice porridge, coconut yogurt, mango . Cook a couple of handfuls of  black rice  (it doesn’t increase in volume like processed rice does), and the same amount of water to a pan and bring to the boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat to low and add a pinch of  salt.  Cook for about 20-30 minutes until the rice is tender and you have a mass of dark, purple, witchy looking porridge. Here you stir in a little  milk  (soy/coconut) and a touch of  honey . Serve with coconut yoghurt and slices of fresh mango.
 blogged recipe, 2019.  Sweetcorn chia fritters w/avocado & tomato salad
Soda Spelt Loaf
 Soda bread & vegan butter, 2019
Trio of 3 ingredient, healthy desserts
 almond cake, 2016
  herb salad w/avocado & orange , 2015
 See blog for recipe :) 2016  Charred chicory & pears w/honey pecan crumbs & yoghurt dressing
Peach & yoghurt cake
  Roast Jerusalem artichokes w/tarragon mayo.  Chips and mayo vibes… with intense flavour fight of sweetness vs sharpness.  Cut the  Jerusalem artichokes  in half and roast them with  neutral oil  and  sea salt  in a 180 oven for about an hour, until they are sticky and starting to crisp at the edges. Turn them over halfway.  For the tarragon aioli; add 4 tbsp of  aqua fabba , 1/2 juiced  lemon , pinch of both  salt  and s ugar,  a spoon of  dijon  and a fat clove of  garlic  to a blender, then gradually pour in about 200ml of  neutral oil , then 50ml of  extra virgin . Add a splash of hot water if it gets too stodgy. Then add a handful of fresh  tarragon  and taste etc.
  Mushroom calamari ; choose interesting  mushrooms  with lots of surface area, like oyster and enoki. Tousle them in  flour , tap off the excess, then bathe them in  soy milk  - next press them firmly into heavily seasoned  breadcrumbs  (panko will give you maximum crispiness). I used matzo meal in photo. Shallow fry in hot  neutral oil , until they’re crispy and coloured. Season again.  I like to serve with roast garlic aioli and wedges of lemon.
  Smoked tofu & manuka miso ramen . Miso soup is supposed to be served below 70 degrees because the fermented goodness in the miso wants to retain its holy properties. Same goes for manuka..  Make an aromatic broth by grating ginger and garlic into a little sesame oil with a pinch of salt. Stir in chopped red chilli and spring onion. Once a bit goldened, de-glaze with a glug of shoaxing wine, then add 500ml water. Plop in a star anise, a slosh of soy sauce and any kombu/seaweed if you have it. Combine 1 heaped tbsp of organic white miso paste with 1 tbsp manuka. Whisk the mixture into the hot (but not boiling!) broth and taste etc.  Serve with smoked tofu, buckwheat noodles and greens
 Recipe and styling for Gousto, 2013.  Sweet Potato & Spinach Dal w/crispy onions
 Gousto, 2015.  5 ingredient Red Pepper Risotto
 Recipe and props for Gousto, 2016.  Caramelised cauliflower curry
Saffron rice, crispy onions, herby yoghurt
 Gousto, 2015.  Plant-based Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry
 For Gousto, 2016.  Curried Peanut Noodles w/caramelised onion and pineapple
 For Gousto, 2016.  Baked ratatouile w/pesto wheatberries
 Plant based recipe and food styling for Gousto, 2016.  Veggie kebabs, peanut sauce, brown rice
 ‘Lighter’ Spring recipe, Gousto, 2014.  Pasta Primavera
 Canape; asparagus w/roast garlic aioli & olive oil crumbs, 2015
 Beetroot carpaccio w/hazelnut & lemon tofu, 2014
 Autumn pots for private catering, 2018
  F or Gousto, 2016.  Tofu katsu w/pickled ginger salad
 For Gousto, ‘savour the summer’ campaign.  Tofu & rice noodle laksa w/grapes & green onion
Pumpkin & Mung Bean Curry w/lemongrass
 For London Fashion Week, 2017.  Green Pistachio Cake w/raspberry
 cauliflower steak w/roast garlic & almond puree, 2016
Jerk barbecue pineapple
 Blog content for Gousto
Chocolate, orange & olive oil mousse
 Lemon & Coconut Tart, 2019
 Blog content for Gousto, 2015.  Carrot & orange sorbet
Chocolate Tart w/liquorice poached pears
 plate apple and quince pie, 2015
 raspberry madelines, 2015
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