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Food Styling Food Styling for Gousto

01 Aug

Food Styling for Gousto

Photography by Mike English

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cooking very painful sauce

31 Aug

very painful sauce

There are certain critical moments in life when hot sauce is desperately needed: Fried chicken moments…fried eggs and potato moments, breaded moments, barbecue moments. Moments when you need the gastronomical equivalent to a slap around the face. I love the buzz that really, really hot sauce radiates, so I’ve put 7 scotch bonnets in mine. It’s a bit like when you drink strong whiskey, it makes your insides dance.

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cooking homemade ting

20 Jun

homemade ting

Ting is a can of grapefruit soda. You can buy in Peckham, Brixton or Stockwell, or anywhere with a Caribbean vibe. My local roti shop has a steady supply. Now, I’m well aware that unless you’re a South London naative, you may not have easy access to any’Ting. In which case, fear not.

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drawing peculiar facts issue 8

18 Jun

peculiar facts issue 8

My latest ‘peculiar’ illustrated facts, commissioned by Peckham Peculiar, an independent, arts-lead community newspaper.

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cooking Aperol Spritz Jelly

25 Apr

Aperol Spritz Jelly

I love how you can get prosecco by the glass now, pretty much everywhere in London.

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cooking Indian spiced whole roast cauliflower

06 Apr

Indian spiced whole roast cauliflower

The cauliflower was a much maligned vegetable, and then it became all trendy. I’ve made the cauliflower rice and mash before. Not yet done the pizza thing. I probably won’t do that actually, because my slight issue with all these brassica ploys is that it’s disguise food isn’t it?

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drawing a mothers day card

29 Mar

a mothers day card

Inside reads ‘Thanks ‘n that’

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cooking recovery beans

29 Mar

recovery beans

As much as I love a chargrilled octopus - there’s something to be said for a big bowl of beans. Usually it’s on a Sunday. When I haven’t slept.

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cooking black rice porridge with coconut yoghurt

06 Feb

black rice porridge with coconut yoghurt

I’m a thief - I stole this idea from Ottolenghi. I first had his version at his restaurant Nopi a few years ago, and remember it looking as stylish and dramatic as porridge can possibly be.

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cooking forbidden rice

01 Feb

forbidden rice

A recipe for Chinese New Year 2015, the year of the sheep.

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cooking caramelised jerusalem artichokes with tarragon aioli

04 Jan

caramelised jerusalem artichokes with tarragon aioli

2015 will be mainly vegetarian for me, peppered with a few meat dishes of the finest quality.

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cooking simmered beef & carrots

29 Dec

simmered beef & carrots

When there’s beef about, is it me or do you too immediately think ROAST?

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drawing peculiar facts issue 6

07 Dec

peculiar facts issue 6

Some illustrations for issue 6 of Peckham Peculiar, a free community newspaper.

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cooking pickled pumpkin

09 Nov

pickled pumpkin

Pumpkin is too often mashed, puréed and pulsed into baby food.

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cooking spiced pumpkin pancakes

13 Oct

spiced pumpkin pancakes

Halloween is so very deeply American, that I feel any recipe surrounding it I feel has to be.

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